Most people aim to have the best looking home in the entire neighborhood. They often fill the yard with a beautiful lawn, gorgeous trees, and even lush flowerbeds. They’ve just about outdone everyone and made themselves a mini castle.

However, all of these trees and plants come at a small or rather large price. As they grow bigger and more beautiful, their roots get one step closer to ruining the driveway, the foundation, the walkway, the patio, and other concrete structures nearby. After some time has passed, roots tend to easily breakthrough any of them and force homeowners to spend a fortune repairing the damage.

In the case of foundations, roots don’t always make it that far. However, one stray root can still find its way through cracks and force them to open up. Maintaining the foundation of a home ensures that tree roots never become a problem.

In the case where a yard is filled with strong trees, owners will notice the following signs:

* The foundation floor has cracks
* The walls of the foundation has vertical cracks
* Windows can be either shattered or cracked without any evidence of where the damage came from
* After some time window frames and doors become uneven
* The floor begins to buckle

While roots don’t often result in formation damage, it’s still important to note that erosion or soil disruption can cause the mentioned signs. It’s also a good idea to dig around trees and see where their roots go. This gives a better idea of what can happen to your concrete work on the surface.

As previously mentioned, some trees tend to project roots onto and under driveways, patios, sidewalks, and other concrete structures. When subjected to the force by the roots, they buckle and stick up. This presents a serious problem for those who are walking. Tree roots have even led to persons being caught up in injury lawsuits.

The following are common with a disrupted sidewalk, or driveway:

* Cracks appear across the concrete
* Slabs buckle
To prevent damages from occurring, it might be a good idea to note the following tips:
* Root barriers can be installed to deflect the roots away from plumbing, walkways, patios, foundations, and more.
* Roots can be cut. However, this should be done with caution since some trees die if they lose even the slightest bit of their rooting system. A local tree trimmer can easily aid with this situation.

However, the plant will need to be nourished if parts are removed.* In some cases the rooting system may be too complex to remove a part. This results in the entire plant needing to be removed. Sometimes plants grow so quickly that it’s hard to control the rooting system. So if homeowners are intending to save their patio and walkways, they’ll need to call in the professionals immediately.

As we conclude, we’ve just looked at why taking care of tree roots beforehand is important. Tree roots can leave homeowners facing thousands of dollars in damages. Homes can still look their best with trees and flowers being planted in pots and planters!