*Make sure you hire a tree company with a valid California contractors license.

Check any contractors license at www.cslb.ca.gov

*Make sure the company estimating your job has proper general liability coverage, as well as proper workers compensation coverage , they should be able to provide proof upon your request.

Things to watch out from “tree companies”

1. Do they give you a written estimate ?

a. They should for your protection.

2. When they write your estimate, do they identify your trees ?

a. If they can’t identify what type of tree they are looking at
do you really want them pruning on your tree?

b. Certain trees are to be pruned a certain way.

3. What are their pruning standards ?

a. If they write your estimate as “trim tree” what type of
trimming are they doing ?

4. Never, Ever pay a company for work they have not completed.

a. A real tree care professional will make sure you are satisfied
with their work before they collect.

5. Ask what type of back ground they have in Arboriculture/Horticulture

a. The best company owners have done the jobs themselves.

b. If they have never done the work how can they know how to
price your job ?

6. Don’t pay inflated prices for storm damage jobs.

a. Most companies will take advantage of you in your time of need.

b. Most companies will charge double their normal rate.

Note: We believe if you help someone in their time of need you earn a
client for life.